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Challenge to current approaches

To date, school-based intervention programmes have generally failed to reduce the prevalence of obesity. In a few family therapy studies, favourable changes in long-term weight loss were seen, but only in motivated individuals. One possible explanation of why long-term weight loss is so difficult to achieve is that the dietary and physical activity prescription used in both family-based and school-based programmes might not be particularly effective. Organic Fat Burning Pills Supplement A second possibility is that environmental factors (e.g. increase in sedentary pursuits including television, video games, computers; deficit of urban and suburban environments that encourage active lifestyles, such as sidewalks and bike paths; increase in eating away from the home, and increased portion sizes) significantly tip the balance towards weight gain.

Is there any purpose in continuing studies of this type?

The answer should be a resounding ‘YES’. What may also be worth further study is a combination of school and home encouragement of a more multifaceted approach to a healthy lifestyle. At the very least, it is worth further serious trials.

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