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Challenge to current approaches To date, school-based intervention programmes have generally failed to reduce the prevalence of obesity. In a few family therapy studies, favourable changes in long-term weight loss were seen, but only in

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Excess weight in childhood and adolescence: prevention and treatment   Consequently, prevention and treatment of childhood obesity is a public health. What is the current information on the methods and the results? In theory,

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Preventing childhood obesity through community-based initiatives   Prevention is widely recognised to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to tackle the obesity epidemic; the most promising approaches target populations rather than

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What are the trends in obesity and overweight? Evidence suggesting that the prevalence of overweight and obesity is rising dramatically worldwide and that the problem appears to be increasing rapidly in

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A large network of scientists from around the world have examined the trends of adult Body Mass Index (BMI) in 200 countries. They found that globally the number of individuals with obesity has increased from